a partnership in perfect harmony


Almon, founded by Andrea Monelletti, is a young Italian company offering its experience in the development and marketing of fragrances and products for well-being.
It offers an integrated approach in the supply chain, from creation and production to the distribution of fragrances, based on four fundamental company values: quality, innovation, sharing and passion. This strong point allows it approaching the world of licences globally and becoming positioned in the strategic areas of the selective, niche and masstige markets, depending on the brands acquired.
Another element of importance in its special approach is its “solidarity projects”, with the company allocating a budget in cooperation with the licences to be donated to no-pro t associations operating in different areas of the world. Almon has formed a partnership with Carrera Jeans, an Italian company founded in 1965 and based in Verona that combines highly advanced technologies and ne craftsmanship to transform cotton into beautiful and hard-wearing denim garments while fully respecting the environment.

With more than ve million pairs of jeans made every year, Carrera Jeans is a leading name in fashion and design, in Italy and the world.
This partnership is a dynamic one in which, as Andrea Monelletti says, both partners will be actively involved, jointly organizing promotional events and using modern method of social communication. The Carrera Jeans Fragrances are modern and determined in their concept, in line with current market trends and the non-alcoholic products can be considered as genuine cosmetics, with raw materials of the highest quality and textures that are pleasant to use and effective. After a successful launch on the Italian market, the company is now approaching export markets.
There has already been an immediately enthusiastic response by a number of distributors, thanks to the completeness of the line and the excellent quality/design ratio. The attractive packaging, the Italian style and attention to detail, all make the Carrera Jeans line an exciting new arrival on the scene and an excellent opportunity in view of the high brand awareness all over the world for the rst fragrance branded Carrera Jeans.

Carrera Jeans for Men
The male fragrance has oriental leather notes, with a fruity opening of apple, pineapple, bergamot and blackcurrant. The middle notes are deep and magnetic, with rose, birch, patchouli and Moroccan jasmine and the base offers the sensuality of musk, vanilla, oakmoss and ambergris. From rst sight, the bottle is emblematic of the brand: covered in denim, it has a customized aluminium cap with Carrera engraved on it. The name also appears engraved on the bottle, further customizing it. The eau de Toilette Natural spray comes in 40 ml, 75 ml and 125 ml sizes. The pre-and post-shaving products comprise After shave lotion Natural spray 125 ml with the same olfactory notes as the fragrance for a complete grooming experience. The After shave balm 75 ml is a soft cream that combines extracts of Aloe Vera, shea butter and Vitamin e to correctly moisturize and nourish the skin, while bisabolol, extracted from chamomile owers, protects and soothes more delicate skin types. The shaving Foam , in 50 ml and 400 ml sizes, also contains Aloe and shea butter as well as Coconut Oil. Its formula has a positive calming and healing function, as well as ghting in ammation and redness in the skin.

The Moisturizing shave Cream is enriched with natural extracts, Aloe Vera and shea butter for a positive soothing and healing function. rich in vitamins, it ghts irritation and redness of the skin and is nourishing and moisturizing with anti-oxidizing properties thanks to its Vitamin e content.
The men’s body care products have also been formulated with quality, high-effective ingredients. hair & body shampoo 500 ml performs three different actions; it cleanses the body, has a bene cial effect on the scalp and softens and nourishes skin and hair, all thanks to a formula that is rich in Aloe Vera extract and Panthenol.
The deodorant body spray, in 50 ml and 150 ml sizes, gives an immediate and lasting feeling of freshness, accompanied by the scented notes of the Carrera Jeans fragrance for men.
Its effective and gentle formula brings well-being to the skin without altering its natural physiological balance. Carrera Jeans is also a line of face care for men, in response to current lifestyles. Moisturizing Face Cream sPF 10 – 50 ml is rich in natural extracts including Aloe Vera, shea butter, sweet Almond Oil, Panthenol and Vitamin e for a highly nourishing formula guaranteeing the right level of protection, moisturizing and nourishment for the skin and protecting it against UVA rays. For the Carrera jeans man on the move, two travel kits are available: the rst with hair & body shampoo 50 ml, deodorant body spray 50 ml; shaving Foam 50 ml and After shave balm 35 ml and the second with travel essentials: Moisturizing Face Cream sPF 10 – 30 ml; deodorant body spray 50 ml and hair & body shampoo 50 ml.

immagine-pressCarrera Jeans for Women

Determined and authentic, pure and passionate, trendy and original: this is the target of the Carrera Jeans for Women fragrance, an oriental balsamic composition with top notes of sicilian bitter orange a heart of damascus rose and a base of vanilla, almond, tolu balm, tonka bean and sri lanka sandalwood. This eau de Parfum natural spray comes as a 75ml and 40 ml spray and is accompanied by a body line.
The bath & shower Cream leaves skin incredibly silky smooth thanks to the natural moisturizing factor and hydrolysed rice Protein, which transforms the ritual of bathing into a precious beauty and wellness treatment for the whole body.

The deodorant body spray, 50 ml and 150 ml, gives an immediate and lasting feeling of freshness, accompanied by the scented notes of the Carrera Jeans fragrance for women.  Its effective and gentle formula brings well-being to the skin, without altering its physiological balance.
To moisturize the body truly in depth, Perfumed body lotion 300 ml contains all the emollient power of Wheat germ Oil, the protection of hydrolysed rice Protein and the antioxidant action of Vitamin e, for a pleasant feeling of well-being and freshness. With a richer texture, the Perfumed body Cream 200 ml also contains shea butter to soothe and soften the skin.
For Carrera Jeans women on the go, the travel kit contains bath & shower Cream 50 ml, Perfumed body lotion 50 ml and deodorant body spray 50 ml. gift collections have also been produced for the upcoming holiday season, containing fragrance and body care products in the men’s and women’s versions.