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Almon is an Italian company, based in Milan, which offers its experience in the development and sale of fragrances and products for well-being to its clients.

This new company has the objective of becoming an important player capable of offering a complete service, from creation to production and up to the distribution of fragrances.

All this is concretized in a global approach to the world of licences, being able to be positioned in different sectors from masstigeto selective and niche, depending on the licences acquired.

Almon stands out for its ability to analyse and study in depth the identity of a brand making use of trusted collaborators with proven experience.

Almon has become the licensee of the Carrera Jeans brand for the production and sale of fragrances and products in the perfumery sector. Carrera is an Italian company, founded in 1965 and based in Verona, which with more than five million pairs of jeans manufactured per year, is one of the main names in casual wear and design in Italy and the world.

As Andrea Monelletti, executive board member of Almon with  a good experience in the field of selective perfumery says, the partnership with Carrera Jeans has been in perfect harmony since the beginning. Both companies have in their DNA an enthusiasm to do and to experiment.

Knowledge of the brand at international level is also contributing to obtaining excellent results abroad as well. The design and the attention in the choice of materials which have contributed to creating the packaging reflect the tradition and the style of the brand. The bottle has a band in denim, both the bottle and the aluminium cap are personalized with the Carrera logo embossed on the surface. The men’s line comprises an Eau de Toilette natural spray in three sizes (40 ml, 75 ml and 125 ml), an after shave natural spray (125 ml), an after shave balm (75 ml), a deodorant spray (150 ml) and a body and hair shampoo (500 ml), as well as specific shaving products.

The fragrance belongs to the “oriental” family of perfumes, with top notes of Apple, Pineapple, Bergamot and Blackcurrant. The heart notes of Rose, Birch, Patchouli and Moroccan Jasmine add fascination to the fragrance, the base notes of Musk, Vanilla, Oak and Ambergris give an oriental something. The line for women, which presents a band in sand-coloured denim and a crimson aluminium cap, includes an Eau de Parfum natural spray (40 ml and 75 ml), a deodorant spray (150ml), a bath and shower cream (500 ml), a body lotion (300 ml) and a body cream in a jar (200ml).

The female version is also characterized by an “oriental” fragrance, with top notes of Sicilian bitter orange, a heart of Damascus Rose and base notes of Vanilla, Almond, Tolu Balm, Tonka Bean and Sri Lankan Sandalwood.

The two new Carrera Jeans fragrances were also launched on the market in July.

As in the previous ones, the tactile and visual impact continue to be fundamental, and the denim is transformed into a camouflage fabric with bolder shades for him and more fashion colours for her. There is also the pluckiness in the outer packaging, where a carbon look and camouflage marry perfectly Carrera Jeans Camouflage also completes an olfactory study started with the previous fragrances.

The Camouflage male fragrance is characterized by citrus top notes, followed by a heart of Lavender, Jasmine and Rose, expressing all its masculinity in the base notes of Amber, Vetiver and Sandalwood. The Carrera Camouflage female fragrance, belonging to the floralcitrus family, opens with notes of Tangerine, grapefruit Pineapple, Strawberr and Passion fruit. It then releases all its femininity in the heartnotes of Jasmine, Red Berries, Lily of the Valley, Peony and Vanilla Orchid, offering an unexpected intensity in the base notes of Musk, woods and Oak Moss

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